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accounting and bookkeeping services in dubai

Our Company

Dr Aysha Al Khazraji Auditing Office L.L.C., is one of the leading providers of Auditing, Accounting, Taxation and Advisory services. We are established in the year 2001 and headquartered in Abu Dhabi with branches in Dubai, Sharjah and Musaffah.  We operates as an international firm offering a combination of services on Auditing, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Management & Business Advisory, Economic & Feasibility Studies, Tax Consulting & Advisory Services and Consulting in the pitch of Intellectual Property. We work closely with our Clients, helping them to mitigate risks and grasp opportunities.

Why Khazraji Audit?

Growing Corporate Entity

Al Khazraji Auditing established in the emirate of Abu Dhabi for the Last 20 years with branches in Dubai, Sharjah and Musaffah.It was established for the purposes of providing members and clients with the capability of furnishing a broader spectrum of accounting, auditing, advisory and management services.

Expert Professionals

Al Khazraji Auditing is a firm of experienced Chartered Accountants, We have capable & well qualified team of hard-core professionals in the field of Auditing, Accounting & Management Consultancy. Our internationally experienced professionals deliver seamless & consistent services throughout UAE. Our team enables hassle free work environment.

Quality Services

We follow International Accounting Standards and are committed to keep the highest levels of professional standards and quality. Our Financial Reports are in conformity with International Accounting Standards set by International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC). We conduct our audit in accordance with International Standard on Auditing.

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accounting and bookkeeping services in dubai

Accounting and Bookkeeping services in Dubai

At Al Khazraji Accounting Services, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading providers of accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai. With years of experience and a team of highly qualified experts, we offer comprehensive financial solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes.

Al Khazraji is one of the leading providers of auditing & accounting services. We respond to our clients’ complex business challenges with a global approach to service that spans industry sectors and national boundaries with professionalism.

We are Professional Workforce

  • Dr Aysha Al Khazraji Auditing Office L.L.C. excels for a consistent standard of service based on high order professional capabilities, industry insight and local knowledge. Our primary objective is to empower and enhance the eminence of this professional workforce in a determined & dedicated level.

We are Innovators

  • The multi-disciplinary expertise of Dr Aysha Al Khazraji Auditing Office L.L.C. provides an array of solutions and innovative ideas customized to the local business strategies across the Middle East. Our clientele in include business corporation, Government, Personals, Public & Private companies, Banks, Private equity house, Non-profit organizations and Family business.

We are Global Over 100 countries

  • Dr Aysha Al Khazraji Auditing Office L.L.C. is a member of Prime Global, an Association of Independent Accounting firms. PrimeGlobal is one of the 5 largest associations of independent accounting firms in the world, comprised of approximately 300 highly successful independent public accounting firms in over 80 countries.

We believe in Values

  • We embrace the values based on the strong vision for the mission. These values determine how we interrelate with our clients to define what we stand for and how we do things. We contribute to the effective functioning of international capital markets. We support forms that strengthen the market’s credibility and their social responsibility.
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